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No Pull Dog Harnesses

  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Fast Drying & Breathable
  • Easy Snap Clips
  • Poop Bag Pouch Built in
  • Full Metal D-rings
  • Top Handle For Instant Control
  • Fully Reflective Stiching
No Pull Dog Harnesses

We threw the kitchen sink at our no pull dog harnesses

We get it, you’re a dog lover just like us. You want nothing but the best for your Canine member of the family. Like us you don’t think good enough is actually good enough. The days of barbaric “choke collars” are long behind us. Basically we looked at all the available no pull dog harnesses we could find and picked some things from Column A, then some from Column B and threw in a little fairy dust and came up with the Puppy PawDrobe No Pull Dog Harnesses. We think they’re the best and hope you’ll agree

You will find NO cheap plastic D-rings on our harness, always one of the first places they cut corners. Fully reflective, both the stitching and crimping, highly visible at night with safety in mind. Nylon straps with handy quick release clips that are fully adjustable. None of those cheap cloth material straps that can and do rip, always in the worst possible situation. 

Our no pull dog harnesses are fully breathable and quick drying by design. Go ahead let your buddy jump in that pond or swim in that creek in a few minutes it will dry out and not cause any discomfort. 

Thankfully you will NOT have any cheap plastic poop bag holders dangling off your leash, breaking and falling off at the worst possible time. You will always have a ready supply and can easily dispense one with a single hand. 

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